GWX uninstall and disable

GWX disabling and uinstalling

I don’t usually post windows stuff, but here it comes.

You want to disable windows updates completely !!!! Just make sure you check for them manually often enough.

If you got here you probably did the updates and want to revert but don’t know what. Here it is in powershell for W8.1.

I know it’s a rude implementation and might need to install powershell on W7, and it doesn’t treat some errors that might appear and only works on your local computer but the links bellow should point you in the right direction.

The following script needs to be saved as a file.ps1 and ran as administrator

$array = @("KB3035583","KB2952664","KB2976978")
for ($i=0; $i -lt $array.length; $i++) {
$hotfix = Get-HotFix -ComputerName $env:COMPUTERNAME | Where-Object {$_.HotfixID -eq $array[$i]}
$HotFixNum = $array[$i].Replace("KB","")
wusa.exe /uninstall /KB:$HotFixNum /quiet /norestart


I’ll update at a later time with a script to take the ownership of the gwx directory and delete it too.
Maybe I’ll even figure out a way to mark those updates as hidden directly.
And a way to add a reg key to disable the notification and scheduled tasks !

Microsoft really did a number on this one trying so hard to push its W10. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of Windows .. nor the features W10 brings. A back to classic Xp style would of been awesome. I don’t need no XBOX crap and other “cloud” stuff. Maybe modules for later times but it’s bloated and I don’t feel like it !

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