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youtube-dl and ffmpeg volume raise

So .. I’ve been wanting to see some youtube tuts/audio offline while I comute ..

But the volume is pretty low, either from the video .. or my android tablet .. and I know I can raise the volume from the DSP Manager but I don’t want to need to change it back again for other videos ..

Here’s how I did it on my gentoo system.

# you might want to unmask a newer version
# echo '<=net-misc/youtube-dl-2014.10.18 ~amd64' >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
emerge youtube-dl
# Here's how you get the mp3 only version
youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3
#other help
youtube-dl --help

This is the easy part !
Now, you probably want to raise the volume a lil’ bit ..

ffmpeg -i file.mp3 -vol 400 output.mp3
# 256 is normal, if you use 512 then it will double the volume.
# you can't use -acodec copy because -acodec copy and -vol are incompatible (frames are not decoded)