About me

Hi ! I’m Adrian.

I worked as System Administrator at Bitdefender ( Security for Virtualized Environments ) for a couple of years.

I’m currently a Site Reliability Engineer TechOPS at Adobe Romania ( Adobe Pass for TV Everywhere ).

I also an administrator at an Internet Service Provider in Bucharest.

I started this blog so I can add more information on various stuff I get to do from time to time altough, I don’t guarantee that I’ll get to add everything. The idea of the website is to have access and check everything you need for your server. A place to have everything.

Here’s my CV

You can find some stuff on my wiki too and tools on the main page

I have a dog named “Grando” ( which means Big .. he’s a golden retriever .. a big one ).
I like airsoft, tennis, board games … I don’t smoke or drink.

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