Juniper EX/SRX switch/router software Update

So, … I migrated away from the ubiquiti router. It was a great router, it just didn’t have the capability to handle the gigabit pppoe.
I’m sure there were better ubiquiti routers to handle the load but decided to move to juniper since seems to be the industry standard …

So, doing the updates are simple. Juniper even has an active/alternate boot layout ! Now I have to do some upgrades !

It seems to be the same procedure on my router and on the switch !

$ scp /Software/Juniper/SRX320/junos-srxsme-15.1X49-D75.5-domestic.tgz user@ipX:/var/tmp/
$ scp /Software/Juniper/EX2200/jinstall-ex-2200-15.1R5.5-domestic-signed.tgz user@ipY:/var/tmp/
user@Device> request system software add /var/tmp/package.tgz
user@Device> request system reboot
user@Device> request system snapshot slice alternate
user@Device> request system storage cleanup
user@Device> request system software delete-backup


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