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Download file with PowerShell

So .. I have a windows embedded which doesn’t have internet explorer .. nor explorer shell .. nor any other methods of communicating with the universe ( except the internet itself and ftp ) .. but I had the bright idea to embed powershell !
After a couple of hours of trying to figure out why the heck to my apps keep saying “don’t want to run in DOS mode” .. or not running anything at all ( and weird icons apearing for the app instead of the icon I’d expect it to have ) .. I got to this:

$storageDir = $pwd
$webclient = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
$url = "http://link/to/file"
$file = "$storageDir\myNewFilename.jpg"

I don’t know exactly why the ftp method didn’t work YET ..

Creating a Windows Embedded Standard 7 ISO

So, first step is to get en_windows_embedded_standard_7_sp1_toolkit_x86_dvd_651894.iso ( or whatever is newer .. )
You can get a trial from Windows Embedded Standard 7 HomePage.

After that, you want to follow this Building a Windows Embedded Standard 7 Image DeveloperNetwork Page. What it basically sais is:
– you need to run tap.exe on your windows target machine to get information about the drivers it needs installed !
– get the mpq file it generated
– create your IBW directory ( I generated mine in c:\users\dexter\desktop\embedded7img )

After that, you probably want to do this

"c:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Embedded Standard 7\Tools\AMD64\oscdimg.exe" -n -m -b"C:\users\dexter\desktop\embdedded7img\boot\" "c:\users\asandu\desktop\embedded7img" "c:\users\asandu\desktop\embedded7img.iso" 

Et voila, you have a windows embdeded 7 bootable iso image.

P.S.: You probably want “Windows Explorer Shell” if you want your familiar desktop instead of the “Command Prompt Shell with Custom Shell Support”